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Carbon 317 Sarl is a full-service creative agency


At its core, every brand has something special to reveal—something that inspires people.

What we do

Meaningful design

Corporate Communications

We use strategic communications to get stakeholders attention while shaping the understanding of what makes products come to life. To capture attention, generate interest, and ignite passion, we need to convey our purpose through stories that are sincere, inspired, real, and personal.

Logos and Branding

At their base logos are visual ideas. The core idea of companies or products don’t change very quickly. Nestlé makes food. GM makes transportation. However the branding can change quickly. The branding is the ensemble of the visual assets associated with a company. Everything from the font used, the language, the tone, the photography style, and colors and al the rest of a brands touch points including social posts and which media you use.

Web design and technologies

Of course we make websites, using whichever platforms are best adapted to the budget and needs of our clients. We’ll be able to make your web presence happen in everything from WordPress to REACT, WooCommerce to Magento. In some cases we build creative solutions that are custom built designs for clients and in other we find creative solutions that maximise ROI for small and large clients. Its up to you! We don’t impose solutions on clients we help them find their technological comfort zone.


We earned our wings in the print world and have helped companies on every kind of project. Need posters? Packaging? Stand design? Brochures? Flyers? You name it we’ve done it. What do YOU need?


Digital Big Thinkers

A full service digital agency for purpose-driven organizations

Lead designer

Chuck Gomez

I have had the great luck that my design and corporate communications experiences have led me to create (as a Designer, Senior Designer, Art Director and Owner) for any number of projects from Annual Reports, Logos and Identity systems, HR manuals, Website Interfaces, Consumer Product Packaging, P.O.P. materials, Event Support Materials, Animations etc.

Projects scopes typically include approximately:

Web technology0%

Ideas to reality

Creating beautiful visual and digital experiences

Art direction, Design and Project management

Chuck Gomez

His experience has taken him from the USA to Switzerland and allowed him to work on branding and design for multinationals all the way down to 1 person shops and possibilities in between. Chuck’s believes that ideas from differing areas expertise cross-pollenate other areas in wildly enriching ways.

Web Dev and tech innovator

Yaroslav Romanenko

Technology geek, but in love with classic cars. Areas of expertise: Web development, Enterprise software development, E-commerce solutions, App development, IT consulting.

Illustration and Sound design

E. X. Gomez

Highly talented and original. Bright mind and a sure hand. Classically trained and and insatiably curious. His personal moto is : “Just Learn!”

Partner Business Analyst

Fabrizio Cappelino

Expert business analyst specializing in Odoo end-to-end integration.

Every business counts

Our Clients